Think Logistics. Think TEKHAF!


TEKHAF Agri-Business owns 800 hectare of land in Humera – Tigray for commercial plantation of oilseed (Sesame) and Cereal (sorghum). The company has a mid-term target to fully mechanize and produce other market oriented agricultural products.


At TEKHAF Trading, we also offer the ability to transport liquids, large equipment, and goods securely and safely to wherever you may need it to be transported to. Our transportation unit owns and operates 40 trucks of cargo and 10 trucks of liquid freights. The company has established its own auto workshop garage with an area of around 1900 square meters.

This facilitates a smooth transportation service for the import and export of products under the TEKHAF group as well as outsourcing services for our clients. Our transportation operations offer value through our team of experts, reliable customer service, network, and store locations.