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We are TEKHAF Corporate Group, a global trading and industrial services company based in Ethiopia that offers the most reliable experiences in Trading, Aluminum Manufacturing and Construction. Our vision of providing the best services to help grow businesses and communities has been driven by our two entrepreneur founders. At the core of the organization is our industry expertise and our unwavering commitment to quality in everything we do.

Our Services

Are you a consumer based outside of Ethiopia interested in importing agricultural or aluminum products? Or a client within the country looking for an end-to-end service provider for your import/export along with transportation? Or interested in construction projects and aluminum goods? Whether it’s for international or domestic needs, we have the expertise backed with innovative solutions to meet the needs and demands of our clients.

Why Us

We believe that our clients are our brand ambassadors. Hence, we are committed to forming relationships built on trust and reliability. We are passionate about being the number one provider for our industrial services, delivering exceptional quality and maintaining our reputation by providing first-rate solutions. After all, there are reasons why we are rated and recommended so highly:

Professional expertise

All the professionals working in our group of companies are highly experienced in their respective fields and the rich set of expertise being provided by them helps us to deliver the highest quality solutions to our clients.

Quality work

Quality control checks are universal across the group. All the companies working under the umbrella of TEKHAF Corporate Group adhere to uniform standards and are committed to never compromising on the quality of services provided in their respective fields.


The use of innovative processes helps us in delivering solutions that are not only reliable but efficient, which, of course, reduces overall costs of the solutions being provided to you.

Highly reliable

Although the nature of our services demands continuous supervision from clients, our employees are encouraged to work in a highly reliable and independent way by considering the success of our clients as their own. This relieves our customers from the burden of managing many daily tasks.

Customer service

Not only do we invest in acquiring new clients, but also in retaining existing ones by ensuring all our services and products are kept up to the highest standards. To help us achieve this goal, we have an experienced customer service team that enthusiastically assists our clients, ensuring every project continues without a hitch!


Our Clients

Our Clients